When Development Is the Game

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 I started the No Time To Play blog in the summer of 2010, when it became clear that game development had become an important part of my life, and for 5 years as of this writing I used it to document my own forays into hobbyist game development. And now I'm giving you the best parts as a book. Why?

Because beginners need guidance close to their own level. Because not everyone can afford the latest computer, on which to run the fanciest tools.

Because it's at the start of the road that you need the most help.

Table of contents

  • Part 1: General Advice
  • Part 2: Choosing Your Genre
  • Part 3: Choosing Graphics Technology
  • Part 4 : Choosing Your Language
  • 2 appendices
  • 3 exclusive chapters
  • many others revised and expanded


The awesome cover you see on the right was made by my good friend Justin Reid. EPUB edition made in Sigil. Mobi and PDF editions courtesy of Calibre.

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Available as PDF / ePub / Mobi

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When Development Is the Game

0 ratings
I want this!